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From Landlords:

  • Which tenants have a co-tenancy clause with [Tenant X] and if violated, what rights will those tenants have?
  • Is [Tenant X] required to pay for fire protection systems for the building and are they included in common area expenses?
  • I am painting my shopping center. How is the expense treated and which tenants pay for painting costs?
  • One of my tenants is operating after hours. Are they obligated to pay for the additional costs of extended operations?

From Tenants:

  • I want to install a satellite dish on the roof of my space. Does my lease allow me to install a dish and what are the requirements?
  • Someone has repeatedly climbed onto the roof of my building and stolen copper tubing from the HVAC system. The landlord sent me an invoice for my share of the cost. Do I have to pay it?
  • I am planning on not renewing my lease. I want to take some of the door handles and other items with me when I leave. What items can I take?

From Accountants or Attorneys:

  • Is a cumulative or annual CAP better?
  • Are building expenses typically treated as a common area expense?
  • What type of expenses are amortizable as capital expenditures and others are reimbursable as common area expenses and how do I make that determination?
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